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When you choose to constantly walk a path of LOVE, you will naturally have PEACE throughout your everyday life which brings an abundance of JOY. Dance with JOY programming is designed to support the full development of every human encountered…mind, body and spirit through dance. DWJ will provide dance instruction while integrating meditation practice, and mental health coping skills to build a core foundation in strength and perseverance through sharing love, peace and JOY!

“Dance with Joy is one of the best surprises of our lives! Every dance session my daughter leaves more uplifted than when she came. Joy pours so much love and encouragement into the littles it's amazing and inspiring to see. It's funny, I signed my daughter up for a dance class that has grown to be a vital part of life that she cannot wait to participate in every week! Dance with Joy is an all encompassing dance program that incorporates life lessons, self-love, and flat out fun for young dancers to experience. I am honored to have my daughter participate in such a wonder-full program with such a wonder-full person!”-Simone (DWJ Parent)

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Dance can inspire positive change in any setting because good vibes are infectious and healing. Just try it and let your spirit grow!!! - Ms. Joy

“I love dance I love the people there. When I am at dance I feel really really really happy.”
- Alecia (DWJ Student)

“Dance with Joy is a fun place. I express my feelings through my dancing and you get to meet new people.”- Nevaeh (DWJ Student)

Joy E. Senyah

Class Schedule

Class Details

The Dance with JOY Program corresponds with a traditional school year running from August to December and January to May

DWJ Dance Program Semester Cost: $250.00/ per student (One Class for 16 weeks)
Multi-class discount
: $10 per class, per each additional class per student (+ $160/ each additional class for 16 weeks)

Semester Registration Fee, *submit with paperwork*

$45.00 (Includes Recital Costume Deposit)

Weekday Classes

Tuesday Drop-In Classes
12:00-1:15pm Golden Groove (Age 60+) $10 per class

Tuesday DWJ Programing Classes

5:00-6:00pm Ballet/Tap Combo (Ages 5-10)
6:15-7:15pm Youth Hip- Hop (Ages 6-14)

Thursday DWJ Programing Classes
6:00-7:30pm Youth Drill/ Step/ Poms (Ages 6-17)

Saturdays & Sundays

DWJ Program:
Saturday DWJ Programing Classes

9:30-10:30am BabyJoys Dance (Ages 3-6)
10:45–Noon Youth Beginner Ballet 1(Ages 6–14)
12:15-1:15pm KidsJam (Ages 7-11)
1:30-2:45pm TeenGlow (Ages 12-16)

Sunday DWJ Programing Classes
9:30-10:30am BabyJoys Dance (Ages 3-6)

FOR CLASS REGISTRATION please email Ms. Joy at

Covid-19: Please help keep our dance space a safe place by staying home if you are experiencing any symptoms. Thank you!

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Studio inside of FIT & NU™
3033 S Parker Rd
Aurora, CO


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